Rasmus Fris MusicNew album in spring 2017
 Instrumental Music
Composed with the Pedal Steel Guitar in mind.
Pedal Steel Guitar, Acoustic Guitar,
Piano, Hammond Organ, Double Bass,
Drums and Percussion (programmed)
Composed and performed by Rasmus Fris
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Rasmus Fris – Birds on the Ridge

The corn in the fields gently waves in the evening breeze as the color of the sky varies from purple to lavender while the stars,
little by little, lite up over the hilly landscape of the island of Moen in southern Denmark.

Here, nestled in nature, is Rasmus Fris quaint old farmhouse that he has transformed into his musical-playground.

Rasmus Fris is a fabulously imaginative, focused yet full of surprises, loving, humble and relaxed, Danish musician. His new album,

"Birds on the Ridge" (2017),

beautifully reflects and incorporates all these attributes.

The music transforms the tranquil landscapes of Moen into an aura of atmosphere, where improvisation, harmony,
bewilderment and edge best describes one's listening experience.

His soft pedal steel guitar themes and melodies are overlayed on an organic layer of double bass, augmented with zany rhythms,
are now and again supplemented by his acoustic guitar and or his organ.

Rasmus Fris is a one-man band, playing all the instruments himself. He is the sole creator, performer, and producer of his music.
His talent is discernible from untethered compositions to the final mix and release.
This enriches the music with a distinct authenticity and intensity which allows your imagination and senses to fly.

Enjoy "Birds on the Ridge"!

Kim Pii